What is Dine?
Dine is an online dating service centered around eating out. The first step is to find someone you like. Once you've found a person and place, try sending them a Dine Request! If they accept, all that's left is to choose a time and enjoy your date.
How should I use it?
First, try thinking of some restaurants you've wanted to go to or even take someone to. At a certain time each day, the application will introduces you to 1 ~ 5 prospective dates. If any of them interest you, try sending them a Dine Request. If they accept, the two of you will be matched, and you can use the in-app messaging service to arrange your date.
Where is Dine available?
Dine is currently only availble in the United States and Canada. Our userbase is rapidly growing every day so if you are living outisde of a big city and noticing limited amount of matches, please be patient as we continue to expand.
How much does it cost?
Dine allows you to use all features, starting with sending Requests all the way up to Messaging, for FREE. The only specification we have is sending or accepting Dine requests from "Popular" users. Joining a premium plan for a fee will allow you to Send and Accept requests to and from any other user without restrictions.
What is “Preferences”?
Our "Smart" Preference feature will improve our matching system based on your tastes. By choosing “like” or not, for each photo that you are shown, the system will learn what kind of person you prefer and will use this information to prioritize the profiles that are sent to you in “Today’s Pick”. The more pictures you go through the more accurate it will be, so try responding to as many as possible. Our "General" Preference feature allows you to set your desired location as well as specified age range of people you are willing to meet for a first date.
What is the “Auto Sort” for Profile?
Based on how other people respond to your profile pictures in the Preferences feature, Auto Sort will automatically reorganize them so the most well received ones come first. You can see how well each picture rate by looking at the indicator “♥XX%” on top of each picture (This information will only be visible to you), and you are strongly recommended to replace any pictures that have a low rating (indicated via blue text).

User Profile

How do I edit my profile?
Open the menu screen, then tap View Profile on the top of the screen. Next tap Edit on the upper-right of the preview to launch the editor. From here, you can edit your profile pic, restaurant selection, intro and set flags.
My name/age is wrong... Can I fix it?
If your name or age is wrong, please check that you have input the correct information on Facebook. Dine will base this information on what is listed on your Facebook profile.
What restaurants should I choose?
Any restauraunt you'd like to go to, or you would like to take someone to. You could also choose a cafe or a bar. It's totally up to you.
What are "My treat" and "With Friends"?
If you intend to pay for your date as well, select "My treat" to let any prospective dates know when they see your profile. If you were thinking you'd like to go on a group date, then turn on "With Friends".


How do I send a Dine Request?
If you see someone whose profile or restaurant choices interests you from your current list of potential dates, simply tap Send Dine Req on the bottom of the screen, then choose the restaurant you'd like to go to and tap Send Req Now.
I received a Dine Request. What now?
Check the profile and selections of the person who sent the request. If you'd like to go out with them, tap Accept Dine Req on the bottom of the screen. On the next screen, tap Accept Req Now to complete the matching process. You will then be able to message with the other person to decide a date and time.
What happens after I've been matched?
Being matched will allow both of you to message each other through the app so you can set up a date and time to meet. In the case one or both of you has chosen a date "with friends" you should discuss how many people will be joining as well.
Can I set a certain age for matching?
Yes. please see your "General" preferences by tapping the options button located in the upper left hand corner and set your desired age range.
Why am I matching with people so far away?
Many people have been experiencing matching with people from very far distances. Please understand the reason is that if there are no users in your “current location”, Dine will then match you with people from the next closest location. If the distance is deemed impossible or useless, please bear with us as we are getting closer to everyone every day!
LGBT function not working?
If you are a member of LGBT, please select the gender you desire to meet for a first date and the specified gender will reflect in your "Today's Pick" the same day.


Why do I need to have Facebook to login?
When installing Dine, we request all users to register with their Facebook account. The reason for this is very simple. Signing in with Facebook is not only the most efficient and convenient way to make a profile but also ensures the Dine community that you are NOT in fact a fake profile. Here at Dine, our team also carefully reviews all profiles created on Dine to ensure and prevent any fake accounts entering our community. No fakes, just real people, real dates.
How do I delete my account?
You can delete your account from here.
Can I request a refund?
Strict regulations on the app store does not allow any refunds on Premium Plans. Once a Premium Plan is purchased, no cancellation of the current service is allowed during the active subscription period. If you wish not to choose a Premium Plan option, you can simply continue using Dine for free.

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